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Pharmaceutical Sampler Custom Display


Pharma Sampler Display Case Study


Agency — Pharmaceutical Company

Design Goals

A pharmaceutical company needed a sample dispenser to promote a new prescription drug. The display had to be compact, because of limited space in medical offices. It also needed to be prominently branded with the drug name and federally mandated information, hold brochures and have room for the pharmaceutical rep’s business cards. Additionally, the timely delivery was crucial due to the short turnaround time required for the display. Braeside's proven ability to deliver on results ensured that the display was ready on time, mitigating potential losses effectively. Their dedication and expertise enabled them to meet the target deadline seamlessly, showcasing their exceptional commitment to delivering outstanding results.



Braeside's design and manufacturing team tapped into their extensive experience creating displays for medical office environments. While creating prototypes, the team focused on using the fastest, most cost-efficient production methods to meet both the tight deadline and the budget. Within 24 hours of receiving sample pharmaceutical bottles, Braeside sent the client a custom prototype for approval. The prototype exceeded client’s expectations and was quickly approved. Braeside manufactured more 28,000 units, allowing the pharmaceutical company to launch the new drug on time.


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