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About Braeside Displays


Braeside Specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of industry leading stock and custom point-of-purchase displays.

At Braeside, it is our business to make you look good. Our design and manufacturing teams work seamlessly together to ensure that your display is on time, on budget and on point. Our stock and custom displays offer limitless possibilities and make it easy to differentiate yourself from the pack.



Braeside is powered by an experienced cross functional team of creative design, engineering and manufacturing personnel.

The combination of extensive manufacturing know how, product design, problems solving skills and ability to get the job done right means that every Braeside custom display is destined to be the best possible solution for our clients.



At Braeside, we’re experts in creating custom display solutions. This ensures you get exactly the right display for your promotional needs.

Customization is more affordable than you might think – and usually costs less than generic, off-the-shelf display products because you only pay for what you need, nothing more, nothing less. We turn ideas into solutions. Our team of creative experts, manufacturing specialists and highly-skilled model makers work together using state-of-the-art technology, world-class manufacturing practices and the best materials. The result: we create custom displays that are cost-effective, attractive, sturdy and highly functional – that you can’t find anywhere else. More information about our Custom Display Solutions.

Custom projects start with low 100 piece minimums - contact us for more information.



The moment we understand your needs, the Braeside team springs into action to create the right display to meet your goals.

After your initial inquiry is evaluated by a custom sales specialist, we brainstorm to create innovative ways to answer your challenges. Based on a series of rough sketches, we create a CAD drawing and then select appropriate materials and manufacturing processes. Simultaneously, the engineering team calculates the exact specifications of your custom display along with budgetary pricing.

After review, our model makers roll up their sleeves and build prototypes to “prove” that the designs will function properly and can be built cost effectively. Only after testing and refining these prototypes, will we send you a final model for your review and approval. Additional information about our Production Capabilities.



Braeside roots run deep. Founded in 1975, Braeside started out by creating, designing and hand crafting contemporary, high-end acrylic and wood furniture, first in a downtown Chicago loft and then in a converted barn in Woodstock, Illinois. Within a year Braeside established wholesale designer showrooms in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta.

In the mid-80’s, Braeside expanded its offerings to include proprietary point of purchase displays. In addition, the company expanded its manufacturing competencies by adding high-speed equipment and adopting world class manufacturing processes.

As success followed, the company moved three more times – each to larger, more efficient manufacturing facilities. Ten years later, in the mid-90’s Braeside further expanded its line of in-stock proprietary plastic displays. To accommodate increased demand and explosive growth in custom displays, the company added another 48,000 square feet, doubling its operation to more than 80,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. This enabled Braeside to implement a variety of manufacturing “best practices” to reduce cost, maintain reliable performance and exceed the most demanding customer compliance standards.

In 2002, to further meet the needs of its customers, Braeside initiated its unique One Day Prototype Design service for custom inquiries. During the decade, the company was awarded numerous patents for its revolutionary designs and now ships products globally.

Today, Braeside offers three divisions to better serve its customers: one for custom displays, another for the off-the-shelf displays and a third addressing the needs of the safety and wellness markets.


At Braeside, our integrated team of designers, engineers, production and warehousing work seamlessly together to deliver the best point-of-purchase displays and ensure that your display is on time, on budget and on point.


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